Lufthansa’s Press Office is on Twitter

The Lufthansa Group’s Corporate Communications team can be found on Twitter at @lufthansaNews (, which provides Twitter users with news from the Lufthansa Group, such as current statements from the management team, background information on ongoing discussions and facts, videos and photos from the fascinating world of the aviation company. The Twitter account is the quickest source for the latest information from the Lufthansa Group and the Press Office uses it to communicate with followers in both German and English.

The Twitter account @lufthansaNews already has more than 7000 followers. As an additional outlet alongside the existing Lufthansa Twitter accounts, @lufthansaNews is mainly aimed at journalists and bloggers but also offers interesting news and information for ‘aviation geeks’, for example by publishing the latest quotations regarding the trade dispute and by accompanying the first A380 flight to Bulgaria and the last Lufthansa flights on a Boeing 737.


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