Roseate Hotel owned by Bird Group to open at Noida International Airport


Roseate Hotels and Resorts will develop an airport hotel at Noida International Airport, the upcoming greenfield airport in Delhi NCR, offering comfort, convenience and a sustainable experience to passengers and visitorsThe hotel will be a whole new concept featuring intelligent technology like smartphone access and services especially designed to cater to the evolving demands and expectations of global leisure and business travelers. Roseate Hotels, owned and operated by Bird Group, have been selected for their excellent customer service, sustainability ethos, digital approach and their commitment to showcasing a new spectrum of hospitality. 

Roseate Hotels will bring a one-of-a-kind stay experience that is unique by design, heritage, location, character, facilities, and personalized service around customer experience with sustainable luxury. The hotel will feature online check-in and check-out, instant online room allotment and smartphone room access. The aesthetics of the property will reflect the warmth of Indian hospitality in over 220 well- appointed rooms and a suite of banquet, dining and wellness spaces, including a state-of-the-art fitness centre. The hotel will be located in close proximity to the airport terminal and will be the first step towards building NIA as a business and leisure centre for the region.  

The Roseate Hotel brand by Bird Group was chosen to develop this hotel after a competitive bidding process involving some of the leading international and national hospitality groups. The group has been selected owing to its excellent customer service and experience, sustainability ethos, digital approach, and its commitment to showcasing a new spectrum of hospitality. It has a collection of 7 luxury hotels across India and the U.K. (The Roseate New Delhi, Roseate House New Delhi, The Roseate Ganges in India; Roseate House London, The Roseate Reading, The Roseate Villa Bath and the recently acquired The Roseate Edinburgh in the United Kingdom) operating under its luxury hospitality chain of Roseate Hotels and Resorts. 

Noida International Airport will combine Indian culture and hospitality with Swiss technology and efficiency to develop a modern, user-friendly design, inspired by India with a commitment to minimal environmental impact. NIA will set a new benchmark as a digital airport, with the implementation of state-of-the-art technology to provide a seamless and mostly contactless flow through the airport.  The same ethos of digital, sustainable, and Indian design will be extended to the hotel being developed at the airport. 


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