Travelyaari launches ‘Modify Booking’ feature to enhance and humanize the ticket booking experience

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Travelyaari has announced the launch of its ‘Modify Booking’ feature which will enable users to modify ticket delivery information (email and phone number) and passenger details (seat, gender, pickup and drop-off), even after booking the ticket. Travellers, who wish to make changes to their bookings, can do s through Travelyaari’s app or website. However, this feature can be only applied once per PNR.

After logging into the Travelyaari account, users can choose the ‘modify’ option under ‘manage booking’ section to fix the errors and make the required changes to the bookings they had done earlier. While using ‘modify’ option, users are advised to double check the entered details before hitting submit, as any mistake made hereafter cannot be rectified further. Once the modified ticket is successfully generated, a copy of the same is sent via email and SMS to the email id and phone number specified in the ticket delivery information section.

Talking about this new feature, Amit Kumar Singh (VP, Product & Digital Marketing at Travelyaari, said, “Travelling often involves uncertainties; whether is a long vacation or a weekend trip. Especially, when it’s an impromptu plan, we often tend to make mistakes while booking tickets. Moreover, there are always last-minute changes in plans. Therefore, we are rolling out multiple features to solve these uncertainties while simplifying the whole travelling experience. It’s our pledge to make travelling by road joyful and friendly as it was always meant to be. We are hopeful that with the ability to modify the booking, more people will enjoy using Travelyaari”.

Travelyaari’s goal has always been to simplify the ticket booking experience and making it a hassle-free affair for the traveller. And, the new feature is a step in the same direction.


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