Tripoto Teams up with the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi to promote UAE Capital to Indian Travellers

Tripoto, the global travel community, has partnered with the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) to promote the capital of the UAE as the ideal destination for Indian travelers.

As part of the partnership, Tripoto created four Gigapixels – digital image bitmaps composed of one billion pixels each and featuring 1,000 times the information captured by a 1-megapixel digital camera. The images shot across the city was then meticulously stitched together, with the end result being high-resolution, 360-degree visuals that offers viewers an immersive, bird’s eye view of the UAE capital and its many attractions. Some of the highlights include family-friendly theme parks, such as Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, luxury hotels, shopping malls, beaches, golf clubs, and much more.

Also included in the Gigapixels are 360 Virtual Reality (VR) videos of 30 key destinations across the emirate. These built-in immersive videos take the experience to the next level, allowing users to interact with and explore the city’s various attractions online, and even book experiences and hotels. The VR videos will also be launched separately on Tripoto’s social media channels, going live on Tripoto’s homepage today.

In addition to these assets, Tripoto also created vibrant ‘listicle’ videos, useful blogs, and engaging social content that allow travelers to dive even deeper into the emirate’s many offerings and attractions.

Tripoto founder Michael Lyngdoh, said, “Our partnership with the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi has resulted in the creation of incredible pieces of content, including high-quality Gigapixels showcasing the emirate’s most iconic sights, all viewable from Tripoto’s website. This pioneering partnership showcases the way in which tourism is moving, with travelers now being able to zoom right in to the city, exploring even the minutest details before they even set foot there. From the grains of white sand on the beaches of Saadiyat Island to the soaring heights of the tallest roller coaster at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi’s Gigapixels really bring the emirate to life, allowing travelers to not only experience the magic of the capital from wherever they are in the world but also plan for their future holidays there. We are proud to be partners in this venture.”

Destination Marketing Director at Department of Culture And Tourism – Abu Dhabi, Saeed Rashed Al Saeed, said, “We are incredibly proud of our partnership with Tripoto, which showcases our beautiful city and its many attractions through immersive visuals and captivating content. Abu Dhabi is the perfect destination for savvy Indian travelers, offering everything from family-friendly theme parks to stunning natural attractions, luxury hotels, world-class business facilities, high-end shopping, gorgeous beaches, rich culture, and more. India is Abu Dhabi’s top source market due to many important factors, including close proximity and strong cultural and historical ties. Thanks to our partnership with Tripoto, travellers from India can now explore Abu Dhabi’s best sights down to the smallest detail and explore the city from the comfort of their homes, which will hopefully encourage them to visit the emirate in the future.”

Abu Dhabi’s Gigapixels are set to go live today, with all four Gigapixels available on the Tripoto website at


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