VIVAMAYR attends Tasting India Symposium at Roseate Hotels & Resorts


Roseate Hotels & Resorts along with the Tasting India Symposium hosted the global launch of Nutrition: What Really Counts’ written by Prof. Dr. Harald Stossier Founder and Medical Director of VIVAMAYR Austria.

The event witnessed a confluence of health and wellness building practices for a lifelong healthy living. It showcased the new book and the VIVAMAYR Lifestyle with reliable answers to develop an individual and healthy form of nutrition, according to one’s own preferences, taste and social environment.

Founder of VIVAMAYR, Author of 10 books and Policy Maker, Prof. Dr Harald Stossier created Modern Mayr Medicine  that strives for holistic health with individualized therapy program, an exact compilation of the necessary medical treatment and applications where Metabolism and digestion are the core.

Kush Kapoor, Area General Manager, Roseate Hotels and Resorts said, “Roseate Hotels & Resorts is extremely happy and privileged to host Prof. Dr. Harald Stossier’s global book launch.  Our food philosophy has always been about giving our guests not only the best food experience but also using ingredients to promote a healthy lifestyle. We source a major part of our ingredients from our organic farm at both our Delhi hotels. This is but an apt collaboration and testimony to the fact that when luxury can also be healthy.”

Prof. Dr. Harald Stossier, Founder and Medical Director, VIVAMAYR said, “VIVAMAYR Medical Center enjoys a worldwide following of health – conscious devotees. Over this collaboration, our ties with Tasting India Symposium in Delhi has given us a better access and insight on the health challenges in India related to Nutrition. Therefore we chose Delhi –  India as the Global platform to launch the latest book Nutrition : What really counts”.

Sourish Bhattacharyya & Sanjoo Malhotra, Founding Directors, Tasting India Symposium said, “Dr. Harald Stossier’s call to go back to the basics of common-sense nutrition, as opposed to momentary fads or fashionable theories, is in sync with the ‘Eat Right’ philosophy of the Tasting India Symposium. We believe that the Symposium wouldn’t have been complete without revisiting the traditional nutrition model with Dr Stossier. His book, Nutrition: What Really Counts, is a must-read for a world hurtling from one nutritional theory to the next. We look forward to listening carefully to Dr Stossier and imbibing his wisdom, because, like our ancient seers, who laid the foundation of Ayurveda (the science of life), he is unambiguous about the salience of food in the body’s healing process. As we try to make sense of the clutter of nutritional information floating around, Dr. Stossier’s clarity makes his message a beacon of hope for a world battling constantly the scourge of lifestyle diseases”.


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