The Awadh House: A regal dining experience

The Awadh House

The royals long lost, from the plains of the north, come again to re-write a story of culture and cuisine, giving you the finest taste of royalty. Everyone is welcomed to prepare themselves for an unforgettable journey through exquisite Awadhi culinary, reviving every sense in your body, leaving you with delectable memories. GNQ hospitality announces their new venture, ‘The Awadh House’ located in the heart of the city of Panaji, Goa.

The Awadh House is an old-world charm of the regal world in the new contemporary vibrant era. Skilful cooking that awakens the palette, coupled with gracious hospitality and thoughtful presentation would define a typical experience at the restaurant. The architecture of the existing structure of the building inspired the interiors – a perfect symphony of Art Deco, that uses sleek and minimal geometric patterns.

The main cuisine of the restaurant is an indigenous part of the city of Nawabs, Lucknow and is globally recognised for its refined taste. Dishes like the tender melt-in-the-mouth Galawati Kebabs, a lamb stew cooked in an explosion of spices, Nalli Nihari and Dal Awadh, a harmonious blend of lentils slow-cooked overnight on charcoal fire, are cooking styles inspired and influenced by the rich Awadhi history. As you dig deeper into the menu you will discover the characteristic tastes and authentic flavours of this region. To sweeten your taste buds there’s The Awadh House speciality Rose Halwa and another favourite Paan Barfi. The restaurant will also feature a luxurious lounge area and a bar ‘SHAUK’ that speaks to the regality of the fine dine. There are private dining areas available for businesses and corporate meetings or private family affairs.

Director at GNQ Hospitality, Mr. Gaurabh Quenim says, “With The Awadh House I want to bring to the people of Goa an insight into the world of the Nawabs. I take this as an opportunity to offer every guest who walks in – a sensational experience through our authentic food, sincere service and the carefully designed ambience.”


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