Airline Ticket Package Deals

Before you agree to buy any airline tickets, it never hurts to look around and see if there are any package deals that would be a good bargain.

A package deal is when you not only get your airline tickets but maybe you get a free hotel room for a day or discounts to local attractions.

Since you are going there anyway, it never hurts to have some options in the way of entertainment or lodging. Package deals are most commonly associated with vacations and can include anything from coupons to VIP passes.

Package deals come in all shapes and sizes and can be influenced by many things.

Las Vegas builds amazing hotels and rides all the time and one way to promote a new hotel or an attraction is to include it in some kind of package deal.

If you were going to fly there and stay at the MGM Grand at regular price but the Luxor will give you a free Hoover Dam tour included in a package deal, many people will opt for the Luxor.

Another type of package deal can happen if you are buying many tickets at once. You might be in charge of this for a business or just have a very large family but often you can get a group package deal.

Airlines like groups because they spend money in the airport and in the plane and if they have a good experience, they will likely tell someone about it. This all leads to greater revenue in the long run even if the airline loses a little profit at first.


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