Valentine’s Day is often known as a commercial holiday filled with gifts, chocolates, and stuffed toys. But if you ask us, some of the best investments for any relationship are cool experiences in new places you’ve never been to before. In many ways, travel makes relationships stronger, teaches both how to manage space and time together and it sparks interesting conversations that you possibly wouldn’t have had otherwise. Whether you’ve been dating for seven months or seven years, there’s nothing like hiking, learning about history, or trying new types of wine as a couple to celebrate your relationship.

RCI India has assembeled the most extravagant, most beautiful and fun destinations to revive the spark and escape with your loved one. With RCI offering stay options in all of the below destinations, go ahead and plan your trip right away! If you don’t have time to travel on the 14th, couples can plan these trips in the coming future. 

Paris, France: A romantic city that makes you fall head over heels again for your special someone or a city that makes for the most gorgeous backdrop for the heartfelt confessions? Irrespective of how we describe it, you know that when it’s valentines day, it’s Paris! Thanks to the famous Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, the city’s charming culture, and more, that it stays to be an eternal haven of romance. While in Paris, book your stay with Novotel Suites Paris Montreuil, which unlike most hotels in France can offer the luxury and peace of mind to its guests. 

Agra, India: Woo your love as you visit Taj by the moonlight, when the beauty of the monument increases manifold. Walk hand in hand with them as the impressive pearl white shade of the Taj Mahal glows under the moonlight, providing the perfect romantic setting. But the Taj is not a stand-alone attraction to see. The legacy of the Mughal empire has left a magnificent fort and a liberal sprinkling of fascinating tombs and mausoleums, and there’s also fun to be had in the bustling chowks (marketplaces). During your trip in Agra, choose to stay with an amazing offering by RCI, Sterling Agra,  which is a traveller’s paradise that offers awe-inspiring views of the majestic architecture dotting the Agra landscape. 

Manali, India: Manali, the breath-taking beautiful hill station is ideal for couples to spend the day of love; Valentine’s Day here. Covered in snow it is the perfect image of romance. Couples can enjoy in the snow, indulge in adventures or enjoy sightseeing, the ambiance of Manali will make your day special when you are in the company of your loved one. The Himalayan peaks, the historical temples, the adventure hubs of Rohtang pass & Song Valley will make the day memorable. While at Manali, book your stay at Club Mahindra Manali, which offers you spectacular views of snow-capped Himalayan peaks, apple orchards and pine forests, and grassy meadows filled with wildflowers. 

Dublin, Ireland: A small capital with a huge reputation, Dublin’s mix of heritage and hedonism will not disappoint. All you have to do is show up. Did you know that the remains of Saint Valentine are in Dublin? Impress your partner with that information and plan the most romantic walks. The city is a living museum of its history with its medieval castles and cathedrals on display alongside the architectural splendours of its 18th-century heyday. While in Dublin, book your stay at Fitzpatrick Castle Holiday Homes, which offers you the magic of an 18th-century castle, the beauty of Dublin Bay, the majesty of the Wicklow Mountains and all the charm of Ireland. 

Istanbul, Turkey: Urban Retreat Open-air restaurants, crowded bazaars, and a swoon-inducing location on the Bosporus—this is a city made for wandering. You’ll find Istanbul at its most alluring in the quaint neighborhoods on the European side of the strait. In the waterside Arnavutköy area, the Rumeli Hisari fortress has panoramic views of the strait, making for a picturesque detour. You can perfect this romatic escape with RCI, by staying at Sayeban Resort & Spa Hotel, which offers a spectacular view to the blue waters of the Marmara sea.


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